Saint Francis Health Care Partners

Working to Improve the Quality of Healthcare Services

Founded as Saint Francis Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) in 1993, Saint Francis HealthCare Partners (SFHCP) is a nonprofit organization based in Hartford, Conn. Incorporated in 1999, it is a partnership between physicians and the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center (SFH&MC).

Today, SFHCP serves over 900 physicians in more than 200 medical practices, one acute care hospital and one rehabilitation hospital across the greater Hartford, Conn. area ranging east to Manchester, south to Middletown, north to Enfield and west to Kent.

SFHCP is governed by a Board of Directors with five Hospital administrators and ten physician directors. Officers are Chairman, Vice Chairman, President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board.

Complement of Services

It provides a full complement of services such as clinical integration; contract management; credentialing; electronic health records (EHR) governance; medical reviews; payor education; quality and network management and community outreach.

The organization has a system of coordinated care, which extends across the continuum of healthcare services from the physician office to the Hospital and into the home, extended care facilities or outpatient settings. SFHCP has developed and implemented programs, systems and procedures that increase the provision of cost-effective care by its members.

Transforming the Organization

In early 2009, Saint Francis PHO changed its name to Saint Francis HealthCare Partners. The new name reflects our focus on improving the quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability of healthcare in Connecticut through a collaborative partnership of physicians, Saint Francis Care and payors.

The tagline - A Tradition of Healthcare Innovation - couples our belief in the long-term traditions of healthcare and our more than 15 years of experience, while expressing our role as an innovator in the healthcare industry.

SFHCP offers its physicians an integrated IT solution comprised of the Allscripts Vision Practice Management System and the Allscripts Enterprise Electronic Health Record. Saint Francis was one of the first organizations nationally to develop an integrated physician hospital network with private practicing physicians.