Saint Francis Health Care Partners

SFHCP, Inc. Code of Conduct

Saint Francis HealthCare Partners, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “SFHCP”) is a cohesive network of independent healthcare practitioners, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center and other facilities that serve as a vehicle through which the clinical and related economic interests of patients, providers, and payors become aligned. Our success is achieved through the continual improvement of quality and patient outcomes, and the efficient management of clinical and financial resources.

Integrity and trust are essential to our mission of providing excellent service to our participating providers (collectively referred to as “members” or individually as a “member”) and their patients. In order to foster this trust, SFHCP is committed to carrying out its mission in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations and ethical guidelines that apply to the operations of SFHCP and to conduct the affairs of SFHCP in keeping the highest ethical, medical and legal standards. Every individual or entity affiliated with SFHCP, whether as an employee, agent, officer, director, member or contractor (collectively referred to as the “SFHCP Parties” or individually as a “SFHCP Party”) or otherwise, must understand all legal and other requirements that relate to their duties and responsibilities and comply with them.

SFHCP has implemented a Corporate Compliance Plan to prevent, detect and resolve illegal or unethical conduct that may occur at SFHCP. Questions or concerns that SFHCP policies and procedures or legal requirements are not being followed are to be reported to the SFHCP Compliance Officer (“Compliance Officer”) so that the question or concern can be dealt with appropriately.