Saint Francis Health Care Partners

Health & Wellness Information

Getting started and managing a path toward a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but SFHCP Community Healthcare Coaches are here to help support you and your patients with a variety of different Health & Wellness needs. Community Healthcare Coaches can provide information and coaching supports for:

•    Health, Wellness and Prevention needs
•   Conditions and Illnesses
•    Staying Healthy and living a healthy lifestyle
•    Getting Active
•    Weight Management
•    Prescription Drug Cost Support
•    Insurance Support
•    Community Services
•    Taking Medications Correctly
•    Immunizations and Vaccinations
•    Setting Healthy Lifestyle Goals
•    Smoking Cessation
•    Keeping track of your health progress  
•    Prepare for your doctor’s visit

Social Work Community Health Navigators are also available to help support your patients with:

•    Behavioral Health Support
•    Stress Management

Health & Wellness Informational Websites:

National Institutes of Health

Krames StayWell Health Library

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How to speak with a Community Healthcare Coach or Social Work Community Health Navigator?

To speak with a Community Healthcare Coach or SW Community Healthcare Navigator call the Referral Line: 1.866.534.4638 Someone will contact you within 48- Hours.